• Nini Vuong, AVP of Population Health Management, Premier Home Health Care Services, Inc.
  • Christy Johnston, MPH, Vice President, Governmental & Managed Care Services, Premier Home Health Care Services, Inc.

The evolving nature of health care demands that providers innovate, transform, manage change and meet system complexity. Population health approaches and data-driven interventions are essential components for success.  Home and community-based care is well-positioned to offer solutions. This session will look at the changing payer landscape and why it is critical for agencies to adapt by identifying and developing strategic responses to payer quality measures.

Such an undertaking calls for the role of home care aides and interdisciplinary teams to evolve. Learn more about an approach pioneered by Premier Home Health Care to capitalize on real-time data to: develop timely interventions; identify ways to improve outcomes/prevent adverse events; and identify population health trends.

Premier’s Nini Vuong and Christy Johnston will show how real-time data from the home — collected by home health aides — is driving positive outcomes, helping Premier meet quality incentive measures and reduce potentially avoidable hospitalizations in the post-acute setting through value-based arrangements with Medicare Advantage plans, Managed Long Term Care services and supports, Accountable Care Organizations, and other stakeholders.

At the close of this session, you will have a better understanding of how to: utilize data to identify best practices and interventions; increase your agency’s value to payers with Alternative Payment Methodologies by securing and utilizing data to understand what is happening in real time; provide up-to-date results of quality score improvements; and develop and launch new program approaches throughout your organization.

Note: This session, on August 25, is Part I of a series. Part II will be made available in a package of on-demand bonus content that all conference participants can access for two weeks after HCA’s Annual Conference concludes on August 26!