Caring Award Winner
Catherine DeSeve, RN
Eddy Visiting Nurse & Rehab Association
Capital Region

Cathy DeSeve, RN has been an incredible addition to The Eddy’s home care team. She brings a wealth of knowledge, understanding and compassion for patients who suffer from behavioral health or substance abuse.

By making connections between acute care, outpatient rehab clinics, health homes and home care, Ms. DeSeve has created a process and flow to transition patients safety out of a controlled setting and back into the community with strong support systems.

Before this process, patients often got lost post-hospitalization with nowhere to turn except, in many cases, back to their addictive behaviors. Now they have someone, Ms. DeSeve, in their corner, fighting for them, making sure they are treated with dignity and compassion.

Ms. DeSeve is an innovator, bringing forth a new understanding of social determinants of care, so that existing care transition programs also ensure that patients make it home safely, have food to eat, are able to get their medications, and understand how to take their medications – and why.

She connects the patient’s story and breaks down preconceived stigmas, working with resistant peers to give them an understanding of why addictive behaviors exist and how to be the best help.

The Caring Award

The Caring Award recognizes a staff person of an agency who has exhibited the compassion, skills and service that sets his or her contribution apart and/or whose actions on a particular day or over a period of time exemplify caring in home care.