Special BONUS Content

In addition to our regular live conference agenda on August 25 and 26, enjoy the following BONUS, on-demand content available for two weeks after the live HCA annual conference event.

-Nini Vuong, AVP of Population Health Management, Premier Home Health Care Services, Inc.


-Christy Johnston, MPH, Vice President, Governmental & Managed Care Services, Premier Home Health Care Services, Inc.


In Part II of a series (starting with Part I as part of our regular conference agenda), this session with Premier Home Health Care will look at the changing payer landscape and why it is critical for agencies to adapt by identifying and developing strategic responses to payer quality measures. Such an undertaking calls for an evolution in the roles of home care aides and your interdisciplinary team. Learn more about this approach, pioneered by Premier Home Health Care, to: capitalize on real-time data to develop timely interventions; identify ways to improve outcomes/prevent adverse events; and identify population health trends. 

-Josephine Bottitta, JD, MSW, Senior Vice President, Business Risk Specialist, OneGroup

-Paul Coderre, Vice President, Risk Management, OneGroup

-Alison Dunn, Executive Vice President, OneGroup

A direct correlation exists between safety and wellness in the workplace. While many organizations consider the health and safety of their employees, these same organizations may nevertheless treat health and safety as separate initiatives with discrete programs, departments, budgets, metrics and reward systems. When wellness and safety are not properly connected, the results — absenteeism, lost productivity, higher labor and insurance costs, a feeling of disengagement — are not in the best interest of employees nor employers. For a sector like home care, this integration is even more important, given the physically demanding nature of the work and the stresses of caring for vulnerable populations. Join experts from OneGroup for strategies to help your organization better integrate safety and wellness to support healthy, fully engaged employees.

-Laura Page-Greifinger, President/CEO, QIRT

In an era that demands increasingly precise diagnosis reporting and outcomes measurement under PDGM and value-based care, agencies with poor documentation practices risk underperforming, witnessing delays in payment, or drawing scrutiny from government auditors. This session will teach you how to implement a Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) program in your agency, ensuring that staff document what is necessary and correct in order to provide a complete picture of your patient’s acuity, needs, outcomes and history. You’ll learn what a CDI program is, how it helps create an accurate clinical profile for quality outcomes and revenue cycle management, how to implement a CDI program, and how to monitor its ongoing effectiveness.

-Melynda Lee, MBA, Director, Growth Solutions, Simione Healthcare Consultants

-Kendall Drexler, LMSW, Executive Director, Hospice & Palliative Care of Chenango County

Market intelligence — that is, an understanding of your market’s trends, potential client base and competitive forces — is a dedicated approach necessary for identifying and pursuing growth opportunities in home care and hospice. This session will teach you how to apply proven methods of market intelligence for acquiring and building relationships with hospitals, physicians, facilities, and communities. Organizations like Hospice & Palliative Care of Chenango County have embraced these principles. They’ve fostered record growth in their patient care census built on a concerted effort to articulate their value-proposition. They are doing so with the help of organizations like Simione Healthcare Solutions, whose Director of Growth Solutions will show you what steps to take in the sales cycle to predict and achieve success while leveraging available resources through an effective digital marketing communications strategy.


-Katy Cook, MS, CTC, Telehealth Project Manager, Adirondack Health Institute

-Nancy DelMastro, MPH, CTC, Telehealth Project Specialist, Adirondack Health Institute

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted shifts in the delivery of care from in-person to virtual. Was your agency telehealth-ready or did it experience a mad dash to obtain new technology and get your clinical team up to speed? Join telehealth experts Katy Cook and Nancy DelMastro from the Adirondack Health Institute to hear their insights on some best practices for use of telephonic and virtual visits and suggestions for ways to use technology to mitigate the isolation of homebound clients. A brief reimbursement update will also be provided.